My Story

He wasn’t always “Life of Zhae”. Back in 2010 “Yung Hustle Hard” birthed the start of an amazing artist. At 8 years old he wrote his first song and realized he wanted to be a writer. I say only a writer because he didn’t yet understand what being a Rap Artist meant yet. As he got older and saw his father explore the music, he would ask to go to the studio. Now at 10 years old most children his age aren’t taking this type of route, so he pushed and eventually got to go to the studio. He was bullied a lot but skipped a grade, so his peers were older than him. Music was the one thing that made him feel whole. Once he entered the studio, within 35 minutes, he finished his first song “Fluid to the Fire”. Since then he has taken acting classes, done numerous radio interviews and shows in and out of his home town Baltimore MD. All of this to chase his dream of being a great writer, performer, actor and rapper.  

Throw Back Song "They Ain't Me" 

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